Rapid Delivery on expansion spree; offers eCommerce portals reliable and quick last mile delivery solutions

Rapid Delivery, a leading last mile logistics player has announced the commencement of its operations in Ahmedabad, which will start in full swing in 2019. The company is also planing to expand its footprint in Pune, Bangalore and Delhi NCR. Working with well known eCommerce sellers (500+), Rapid Delivery currently operates in Mumbai, Thane, Surat.

According to Aaqyl Chagla, CEO, Rapid Delivery, “The past decade, there’s been an increase in the field of logistics – thanks to the growing trend in Ecommerce. With the increase in volume, comes the challenge of handling the shipments while maintaining the level of customer satisfaction. Rapid Delivery has taken up an initiative to simplify the logistics and supply chain process and are delighted to provide support to all levels of businesses who contributes to the Ecommerce sector, with key focus in reducing the Non Delivery Rate.”

Rapid Delivery received Rs 35 lakhs through seed funding. Thereafter, HNI Zubin Barucha invested an undisclosed amount in a Pre Series A round.

They first started by building the necessary software to optimize their operations. This enabled them to make the overall operations process much more organized and efficient. They then set up their base in Mumbai and provided an array of courier services. Rapid Delivery settled down into providing forward, reverse and hybrid services. Now they are focused on helping the entire eco-commerce ecosystem become organized by providing an end-to-end solution which will cut through the traditional systems and will help them and their vendors get their entire operations streamlined on one platform with their courier services being the backbone.

Rapid Delivery thrives on having an in-house Technology that helps clients have good visibility of their shipments with live tracking, reporting along with tools like inventory management & Order Processing to help automate the supply chain. Their platform is extremely scalable and customizable to meet every client requirement.

Putting customer service above the founders – Aaqyl Chagla, Naomi Leon and Adarsh Chokani have embarked upon this journey of delivering satisfaction in the most economical way. Aaqyl is an IT engineer from St. Francis Institute of Technology. Apart from being a tech geek who spearheads their tech development, he also is the CEO at Rapid Delivery. He loves logistics and is always finding ways to optimize any operational process. Naomi is also a Telecommunication engineer from St Francis Institute of Technology. She spearheads the Business Development Vertical at Rapid Delivery. She along with her team help get different clients and understand the pain points that exist in the market. Adarsh on the other hand is an Electronics and Telecommunications engineer from Sardar Patel Institute of Technology. He likes trying out different things which help increase the efficiency of a process. He spearheads Operations and the Innovations vertical at Rapid Delivery.